Uniform Colors

For 2024-2025 School Year

Preschool to 2nd Grade:

  • Green Polo Shirts
  • Khaki or Blue Pants, shorts, or Skorts

3rd Grade and Up:

  • Blue Polo Shirts
  • Khaki or Blue Pants, shorts, or Skorts

Uniforms Packages & Pricing

Uniforms $250 (required)

  • 5 polo shirts
  • 5 pants, shorts, and/or skorts
  • 5 pair of socks

Jacket $50 (required)

  • 1 school jacket

The Purpose Behind Our Uniforms

The decision to implement a uniform policy at America’s Little Leaders Junior Academy stems from our commitment to fostering an environment of equality and focus. Uniforms eliminate the distractions often caused by varied attire, allowing students to concentrate more on their education and less on fashion disparities. By wearing uniforms, our students experience a sense of equality and camaraderie, which is crucial in building a supportive and inclusive school community where every child can thrive

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